【 James’ Tips🔑】

【 James’ Tips🔑】
This week we take a look at a common and persistent problem so many students are encountering in their attempt at securing a band 7.0 in the IELTS exam.

This particular essay is by a strong candidate who very nearly has a 7.0 yet unfortunately for them still makes one very critical and unforgiving error.

Can you spot the problem?

📝📝<<Student sample (as shown)>>
✅❎James’ comment on the student’s work:
– Task Achievement solid.
– Coherence and cohesion apt.
– Grammatical range evident.
– Lexical resource demonstrates some flexibility.
– It is in the grammatical accuracy department where the candidate made only 2 fatal errors, but it must be understood that the higher the band the candidate targets, the smaller the margin of error.
– Coherence, of subject verb, in the singularity or plurality, is a must at the 7.0 and even a single instance of such a basic error, will lower a 7.0 down to a 6.5.
– No mistakes.

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