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This week we are delighted to ablate yet another instance of incorrigible HK-English, victim courtesy of the HK DSE education system.
The following essay was produced by a HK working professional targeting a 7.0 for immigration yet consistently hovering at best at 6.0. He has made the most common HK-English mistake with regards to prepositions, using the one “skeleton key” or master key preposition that HK second language speakers is a panacea for all
situations. It is not.

Do you know which preposition is the most commonly mistakenly used in HK?

It has been circled, 7 times in the essay.

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✅❎James’ comment on the student’s work:
In addition to the aforementioned preposition error, the candidate makes a number of mistakes, parsing issues, confusing adverbs and adjectives, nouns and verbs, missing verbs, singular and plural incoherence or dissonance, absence of sign posting and discourse markers, inability to use auxiliary verbs correctly, starting sentences with “But” or “Yet”, gaucherie with the passive voice, and more subtle yet omnipresent, erroneous use of the present progressive tense in lieu of the present simple. Why do HK English second language speakers do this? Ask the DSE ‘teachers’.
Click to read an assay from student & James’ comment :
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