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This week we take a look at a reasonably strong candidate who very nearly got a 7.0 in this Task 2 essay but made a very few, serious mistakes which very quickly foil the attempt.

This sample was written by a DSE student attempting to get an all 7.0, just like everybody else. Can you spot the critical mistakes:

📌 Comments

  1. single plural incoherence
    2. parsing, parts of speech incoherent
    3. some tense issues
    4. solecism, some complex sentences are broken
    5. No conclusion

📘 This essay has extensive use of complex sentences, linkers or sign post language as well as flexible descriptive lexis, however, the candidate begins to run out of time in the end, and suddenly starts making more mistakes, not using enough linkers, and ultimately runs out of time and omits the most important part of the essay, the conclusion. This is a classic case of a student who actually has a 7.0 level ability on a perfect performance, but due to poor time management, a problem some 80% of students suffer from, made just enough errors to lower the result.

Time is key.

No one kills time; Time kills every body.
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