【 James’ Tips🔑】

【 James’ Tips🔑】
Today’s tip is on the importance of maintaining coherence in the singularity or plurality of subject verb conjugation, probably the single most common mistake amongst second language English speakers in Hong Kong.

The following sample was written by a candidate whose target is 7.0 but is still getting a 6.0 or 6.5 at best due to these serious mistakes.
📝📝<<Student sample (as shown)>>
✅❎James’ comment on the student’s work:
Some range of complex sentence structures is evident
Some lexical resource is evident
Task achievement sound
Coherence and cohesion adequate
Grammatical accuracy generally communicable
Singular plural dissonance
Incorrect third person singular
Which constitute rather serious mistakes being that they are such basic grammar criteria.
Absence of indefinite article

For example:
Children’s life? No. Children’s, plural, lives, plural.
Letting… leads to. (singular, singular)
Allowing… contributes to (singular, singular)
A helper or a grandparent… who does (singular, singular)

Singular or plural subject verb congruence is a basic requirement above 6.5.

Would you like to try?💯
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Assessment will be emailed back to you.
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